Jun 23, 2011

Asians & Braids

Hello Everyone,

Meet Jordan and Jackie, my "helpers" for today:

I'm staying at their house for a few days while my parents and brothers camp in Switzerland. In the rain. Yeah...I didn't really wanna go.

Anyways. I wanted to teach you how to do this braid:
(I found this picture somewhere on tumblr)

Insane, I know. But guess what. I figured out how to do this braid just by looking at it..............It's gonna blow your mind.

So first you need to put all your hair on one side.

(Her look-alike is...Pocahontas. She's a hottie.)

Then you split it up in three sections and braid each section.

Then you braid those three braids.

and Voila!

I know..I know...your mind just blew up, but... it's super easy, right? And totally makes you look like a hard core braider. :]

Well, see you tomorrow for my vlog! Ahhh!

PS: I don't know if you knew, but I'm 1/4 filipino and these girls are 1/4 korean... Why on earth don't I look asian???

Total, true, love,


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