Jun 16, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

When you're 16 a lot of awkward stuff happens....

That awkward moment when...
-you ask your brother what you should blog about tomorrow and he replies “About how fat you are.” as he sits there eating his ice cream. Punk.

-when you have a really bad cough and you're at a piano recital. Sooo awkward. Imagine me holding my breath during each song and then coughing fifty times during each applause.

-when someone you know, but aren't really friends with, runs up to you like it's a life or death situation to tell you something.

Girl: “Hey, I have to tell you something!”

Me: “Okay...”

Girl: “You know Michael?”

Me: "uh........."

Michael...Michael...who the heck is Michael....?

Girl: “Adams?”

Riiight...Michael Adams. The guy you saw only two days ago at church.

Me: “Yeah..!”

Girl: “Well he said he thinks you're beautiful.”

And she says this with a really awkward face. No joke. Like this girl is pro at awkward faces, man.

Then you think to yourself that you're pretty sure this guy has a girlfriend, and he's totally the type to just tell you that to your face unless he meant something more.................................(I still haven't figured out what that was all about)

-when that one kid (not Michael) writes you a message on facebook (Again!) saying: “Hey, I'll tell you who I like if you tell me first” Great! Can we play with barbies afterwards?? (I promise I have really mature friends too) I just told him that I'm madly in love with my boyfriend Henry from Neverland. We haven't talked about it since.

-when you're getting ready for a show (I'm in a play called Crazy for You right now) and your friend is asking you if you're sick 'cause your voice is 10 octaves lower than usual. You try to reply with your messed up voice. You fail. Then you freeze and realize you're using her make up. (Yeah, her make up!) Then you proceed to wipe hand sanitizer all over her make up and apologize a million times.

-when you're getting all excited you didn't mess up a dance-lift with your partner during a show. (And you were specially chosen for this lift! And the only other two people who do the lift are professional dancers!) All this excitement just to realize the audience isn't watching you, but the two professional ballerinas who just slipped and fell. Seriously? Come on.

-when you can recite every line to this Julian Smith video:

(Tell me you didn't think it was funny. And you don't want to watch it again.)

That awesome moment when:

-when you go to a BBQ and everyone else there can recite every line to the Julian Smith video too.

-when you get chosen to do a lift in the show you're in!

-when you've finally saved up enough money to buy this dress:

(It has HORSES on it!)

-when you get a 100% on a biology test. I hate biology.

-when you make all the boys in your ballroom class a t-shirt for our performance and they love them and look super hot in them. Ballroom dancers are just hotties.

-when you finally become a super skilled french-braider and can do this:

So, what awkward and awesome things have happened to you lately?

Miss and love you tons.

Total, true, love,


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