Jun 22, 2011

Dance on your tippy-toes!

E-Weekly's hot-stuff: Ballerina Bun.

My hair is thin. It's whispy. Pregnancy hormones (why?!) gave me lovely fly-aways. You know - the ones you see in every.single.picture. (I'm actually pretty proud of them. For a long time they just stuck STRAIGHT up - no hairspray could tame them.)
Proud, Emma?
Hairspray's obviously still not doing the trick.
But they have grown to be more than an inch long and that's proof alone that my hair is still growing. It hasn't hit its "Dead End Please Make a U-turn" stage ((yet)). Fingers Crossed!

Anyways, point is: if my hair can transform into something of beauty, then anyone's can.
This up-do is quick, easy, and totally turns everyday-blah into everyday-ooh-la-la!

Hello, Ooh-La-La!

Riiiight? And that's just as easy, if not easier, than learning how to braid! (And didn't we all learn how to braid?) ...

E-Weekly's celeb-twin featuring: Hilary Duff and... Hilary Duff?
Meet Courtney!
She's a mommy to one handsome little boy, she's my birthday twin, and she speaks German. I love her. Thanks for being my look-alike this week! You are so beautiful!

Any takers for next week's look-alike? Lauren vs. Kirsten Dunst? Marie, I know you get The Rock a lot... ;) Lissie, gimme some Taylor. Dakota Fanning, anyone?
Seriously, send me your best celeb-twinners.
Love you lots,

Emma's E-Weekly.


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