Jun 9, 2011

Not Much of a Tip-Giver

Hey guys,

I know there has been a lot of tip-giving going around on this wonderful blog, but I'm afraid I'm just not much of a tip-giver. (I'm working on it.) This isn't the only difference between us sisters. I can list quite a few differences, actually...And I think it's important that I do. Just so you know what they are. So, my first blog post on this sister blog (first blog post ever in fact) is going to be about our differences. Kinda ironic. Not really. But kinda.

Well here I go...

1. They've all graduated high school and gotten degrees in college. I've still got two long years until my high school graduation.
Emma's graduation:
2. They have husbands.........Dude, I don't even date that much!

3. They have children. Get this: Marie's oldest child is closer in age to me than Marie herself. Although you wouldn't guess that if you saw us, 'cause Marie looks a lot younger than she is. I'm not just saying that, Marie.

4. They all live in the United States. (They have Sister Reunions without me all the time. I hate the Atlantic ocean sometimes.)

5. They've all been blogging for quite a while. So bear with me. Check out their blogs: marie, lauren, emma.

6. They like thrifting...? I guess I'm in that “ashamed stage” (whatever). Probably because the only thrift store I've ever been to or heard of over here in Deutschland...stinks. (metaphorically and literally) And I'm pretty sure it doesn't have half off Saturdays.

7. They're at least relatively good at cooking. I'm just not.

8. All of them are creative and crafty. I'm convinced it's a mom thing, because I didn't find this out about them until they became mothers.

Lauren's creation:
9. They call Lauren: Lulu? I've never called Lauren Lulu in my life. I think they started this at the last sister reunion. (Which I was not at. ha.) It's cute though, so I think I'll start too.

10. They all have really nice cameras and take beautiful pictures. Yeah. I'm jealous. Mom won't buy me a $1000 camera... I don't know why.

11. All of them have a little sister. And a really cool one too.

The list goes on and on.

I'm so glad we established all of these. :]
I love and miss you all. bunches.

Total, true, love,

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