Jun 29, 2011

Strike A Pose

Hey Girls,

I'm actually at girls camp right now, so I made this quick post on Monday morning at 1AM! (I think I deserve a prize for excellent dedication. I'm thinking maybe a...$1000 camera or something. I'm open to other suggestions, though.)

Anyways, today I want to show you what I like to wear to my ballet class.

Of course, I like to wear a leotard. Well..it's kinda mandatory... I have a black one and a pink one:

Ahem. Notice the bun. The bun......... Thanks to Emma dear, I am now complete. (a complete ballerina) I've tried to do buns in the past and they weren't half as cute. Or secure, which is pretty important, but mainly just being cute. I'm not sure why I didn't think of ratting and tangling and knotting my hair before.

As you can probably tell, I like to wear shorts. But the shorts need to be snug. Dance teachers like tight, short shorts. And I like making dance teachers happy. ;] I also often wear loose shirts and sweater-things while we warm up and do bar work.

Another thing I enjoy doing is....really cool poses that I can only hold for like 3 seconds so it's a good thing my brother can take a picture a second with his itouch. (Love him!!)

Basically, I just like to be comfy. No spaghetti straps, they don't have enough support. Nothing low cut. (Or high cut at the legs.) It's just awkward.

Well, I hope you guys are having a great week. I hope I am too.......

Miss you! Thanks again, Emma, for teaching me that ballerina bun! :]

Total, true, love,


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