Jun 10, 2011

Vlog Friday: Learn to do some yoga!!

This is my first vlog ever. Yikes!

Before watching, please note:

*This is not a high quality video by any means. I'm really hard to hear. Sorry about that. And there's parts where there's wind and you can't hear me at all.(I know, annoying.)

*Although I'm "teaching" you how to do the yoga pose "Half Moon," I don't actually get it on my first try. In fact it's like my fourth try. How embarrassing! I'm just going to pretend that everyone needs at least four tries too before they get it right!

*I learned it all from this site and I'm not really a yogi or anything so there's a chance I'm doing it all wrong! haha! (Although I think I'm doing it right ;)

So, turn your volume ALL the way up and watch my vlog!

Love, Lulu

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