Jun 15, 2011

You can call me Ashley

You were expecting dinner rolls? I know!
But guess what?
I'm moving to L.A. and needed to get in Cali-Mode. So welcome to Entertainment-Weekly.

Did you know Lu and I got mistaken for the Olsen twins a lot?
It's probably because we were both born in Cali, have blonde hair. Oh and well...

... We actually kinda look like 'em. ;)

So since I'll be running into Ashley all.the.time, I did my research.
She's cute. She's got style.
And how hard could it really be to look/dress like her?

Not hard.
(Ashley's the top one)... ;)

Alright, I know. My lip-pucker needs some work, but otherwise we're pretty interchangeable.
So no, I'm not suggesting we google images of our fav celebs (why not?) and copy them to the T, but rather learn how to accessorize, dress, and eat like them (Gwyneth has some killer recipes!) every Wednesday at E-Weekly .... just sayin'.
That's right - I made that hair piece and it was super easy.
Here's how:
Gather your materials.
I used black fabric. Hot glue. Scissors. Stretchy lace.
Cut one long strip of fabric (measure it around your head):

Then, turn it over and hot glue 1/2 inch of the edges down to give it a "hemmed" look:

Then do the same thing to a smaller piece:

Wrap the smaller piece around the middle of the bigger piece and hot glue it into a knot-like structure (mess around with it til you like it):

Then just hot glue your stretchy lace to each end and you have Ashley Olsen's latest fashion statement:

Have any cute celeb accessories/outfits/hairdo's you've been drooling over? Link up. I wanna drool too.
PS... Six words: Ballerina Bun. Hillary Duff. Next Week.
E-Weekly signing out.

Love you lots,

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