Jul 21, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Things Boys Say

-This guy was dead serious when he said this: "I miss you like the sun misses the flower" Yeah...um, I've watched a Knight's Tale before...
-This boy was telling me about a dream he had and I was in it. And he told me he was on a roof or something and fell off and died and some other stuff I can't remember...and told me: "The rest would sound really weird to you but...you brought me back to life." Ohhhkay buddy, yeah actually the whole thing sounds weird.
-"My mission was amazing! Totally changed my life, in a good future husband kind of way." Dude! I'm 15! You're like 22!
-This boy and I were outside by a beautiful fountain and you could see the stars and the Heidelberg castle and all this stuff. And he's pointing all of this out and says: "How could this night get any better?" Moving closer to me and totally implying he wants to kiss me. And the only other people around are these two silly girls who can't even hear him. So I'm all alone and don't really know what to do so I'm just like: "Yeaaah...This night could not get any better!" And turn around and stare at the stars until he gives up.

- "How do I do a "jaw on the floor" face?"This was a comment to one of my pictures on facebook :] I thought it was super cute and creative.
-"You look like an angel" I just think that sounds so much better than saying "You look beautiful or pretty"
PS: is that your new niece? She is very cute. Just like her Aunt. ;)" Ahhhh! That's like the sweetest thing EVER!

Anyways, these were just a few I thought of at the top of my head. There are loads more but I always forget them! :[ I need to start writing them down.

Ich liebe euch!

Total, true, love,


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