Jul 6, 2011

Big-ger & Bet-ter!

Wasn't this year's 4th of July the best?
Like Lu, I've never really spent this holiday in the States. (Maybe that's why this year's was the best?!)
But don't get me wrong, watching fireworks on the military base is pretty sweet: They shoot off about 16 canon balls (ears!) and then have a cute little set of fireworks pop off, and then you get to wait in traffic for an hour and a half as everyone files off base.
It's the.best.
But mostly my favorite part is listening to my baby sister scream and cover her ears because she hates fireworks!!!! Haha, remember that Lissie? ;)

So as fun as it is celebrating America's independence in Germany, I think I'm sold on partying it up here in the land of the free!
Our 4th of July w/e festivities went down like this:
Friday: Lagoon (theme-park in Utah)
Saturday: Jordanelle Lake, Boating, Jet-Skiing, Sun-burning, Brad Paisley
Sunday: Church, Family BBQ
Monday: Jordanelle Lake, Boating, Jet-skiing, more Sun-Burning, and
Real fireworks - the big kind! I know you're all thinking: Poor deprived little Emma, she's never seen fireworks?
No, not like these ones! HELLO! America knows how to do it!
Everything here is big-ger and bet-ter!

I guess you could say I'm a fan of this holiday :)

Of course we had lots of yummy food over the weekend, and these little treats were a huge hit:
Mix together all ingredients, form into little balls, and roll the tops in sprinkles.
Bake at 350 *F and instead of eating all the cookie dough, eat all the baked cookies,
and say hello to heaven :)

Oh, you didn't know sprinkles came in different colors? Hi, I'm cake-cookie and you can eat me all.year.round.
And when you're done inhaling your new favorite creation, make a batch for your neighbors. You know, the ones you borrowed butter from Sunday night.

I hope you all had as memorable a 4th as I did :)

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  1. Haha! Yay for celebrating the 4th in america! :D so glad you had such a good time!


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