Jul 14, 2011

I Lost My Heart In Heidelberg

Hey Guys!

Don't worry. I didn't forget it's Thursday and it's my day to blog. I'm a busy girl. In fact, some people call me...."Busy Lissie" Cute, right? ;] Jk. People stopped calling me that when I was still little. When I wasn't actually busy.....Weird, I know.
No, Taylor and Ezra Clark that I've known since I was 6 years old are visiting from Georgia for two weeks and we've just been super busy doing super fun stuff.

Today we went to my favorite place on planet earth: Downtown Heidelberg! I don't know what I'm going to do when I don't live in Germany anymore. I'll be super depressed. I like using the word "super".

Okay anyways, I just wanted to show you guys my favorite stores to shop at downtown.

H&M is #1. Hands Down. More than half my wardrobe is from H&M. The best thing is that there're TWO of them down there.

Today! H&M had an AWESOME sale! I bought the dress on the left for 3 euro and the one on the right for 10. (I know I look gross. Don't judge. I took 'em like 2 minutes ago, alright?)

And then I got this skirt for 7 euro! Everything I'm wearing in this outfit is from H&M. (Even the shoes) Oh and that's Taylor and Ezra. Ezra's in the middle.

I also love Pimkie, Promod, and Orsay. Pimkie has really good sales. Promod has the cutest style, but it's kinda expensive....I actually haven't bought anything there...yet. Orsay has really good quality. (PS: That dress I'm wearing is from H&M too.)

New Yorker and Only You! They're just both cute, cheap stores. I like cheap. haha.

Bijou Brigitte and Claire's are sweet accessory stores. I know they have Claire's in the states but I just had to add it. :]

GINO'S! I loooove Gino's. It's where I always get Kebab's when I go Downtown. If you ever go to Europe you must eat at least 5. Muuust.

And here's all of us together downtown Heidelberg. Our friends Klara and Matthew came too.

So what are your favorite places to shop at? I know this is suuuuper hard to compete with. But you can try. :]

Total, true, love,


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