Jul 20, 2011

Matching The Mixmatched

Remember when I redecorated my living room... for the 5th time? Well, 5th time's a charm cause so far I'm loving what I've got.
I decided I didn't like the look of dvds on a shelf, so
I tossed 'em.
Not really. But I thought about it.
So you can't just toss all your dvds because you don't like how they look. ((Ugh))
But you can go the more "organized-lookin" route and hide them. In baskets. Cute white baskets.
(Baskets that I found at Hobby Lobby, each for under $5.00 -- STEAL!)

I'd just like everyone to know that spray paint can solve any problem.
A-n-y problem.
I had a handful of mismatching baskets, and a couple cans of white spray paint later I had matching baskets.
Problem: solved.

You can spray paint picture frames, Husband's motorcycle helmet (he wanted it black!), old dressers, flower vases, mirror frames, cabinet knobs.... anything.
And it adds that extra kick of flavor to your kitchen, dining room, or Husband's head.

Pretty sweet dvd collection, right? :)

(E-Weekly speaking)
Is Ashley gonna choose JP or what?
Sometimes I really wish The Bachelorette were a voting show. It doesn't portray love realistically anyways, so why not let the public vote on their fate? (is that wrong?!)
And does anyone else think Constantine and what's-his-bucket look like twins? I seriously cannot tell them apart... (like I really think they have the same name!)

JP loves Ashley.
Ashley loves JP.
I love JP.
Wait, what?

Telephone lines close at midnight ;)

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