Jul 5, 2011

A mid summer's night SHAKE!

And the winning outfit from last week is...........

The casual outfit number TWO by far got the most votes.
And I did wear this for the 4th yesterday. 
 I also managed to wear all three outfits over the weekend! How's that for a compromise?! 
But since my white pants got dirty before the sun went down yesterday and any bottle rockets were shot, I actually ended up wearing this:

You'll forgive me, right? :)
Thanks to everyone who helped me decide. It was a life or death decision, you know? ;)
And I'm not wearing any blue. But baby boy's eyes are blue. And I was practically wearing him.

(ps, Emma, do you like my ballerina bun?! Hello fly-aways!)

But on to my favorite midnight snack, so perfect for a hot summer night like last night was!!! (Here in the south.)

So there I was laying in bed. I'd already gotten all ready for bed, my teeth were brushed, both Cole and Steve were asleep, and I laid my little head on my pillow to fall fast asleep, when suddenly I was starving and no, I couldn't wait til morning! I had to eat something fast!
 This is definitely a problem

 I eat late at night all the time and it's no good at all. But you know, if I have to do it, it might as well be something healthy, right?

So, here's my "healthy" raspberry, soy, honey shake (mmmmmmmm) that I concocted late one night when my stomach wouldn't stop grumbling.

I never used to like soy milk. But honestly you can't even taste a difference between regular milk when it's part of a shake. And now I'm in LOVE with it!

It doesn't have to be raspberries. It can be anything! And it doesn't have to be organic soy milk either. That's just what I have. And it kind of sounds cooler, doesn't it? ;)

Honestly, I only measured the T. for the picture. I say just eye-ball it.
(Organic honey, too!)


Seriously, this is soooo yummy! Oh, and hey, that's me. In my pjs. It really was exactly midnight as I drank my midnight snack/shake. In fact, that's what I look like RIGHT NOW! It's LATE!

So, next time you can't fall asleep because your tummy's grumbling, why not give this shake a shot?! It totally works for me!!! Or just ice cream. But yeah, that can't really count as healthy, can it?

Til next week,

Love, LULU!

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  1. Mmmmmm! Definitely have to try this! :) love the outfits, sad I missed the voting.


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