Jul 1, 2011

Vlog Friday: My Last Name is Gross...

When Husband and I were dating pretty seriously, I remember one time chatting with Aunt Diane about this guy I was so in love with. As she tidied up around her house, I sat on the couch and filled her in. She wanted to know all about him, and one of the first questions she asked was, "What's his last name?"

She was upstairs putting something away as we were talking, and I hollered up to her, "It's Gross!"

"Oh, Marie. It can't be that bad, what is it?" she hollered down at me.

"No, really. It's Gross."

"Marie! Just tell me what it is."

"Gross! His last name is Gross!"

I think it took about three tries until she realized his last name really was Gross. :)

So, really quick, about this Vlog. It's a bit scatterbrained and very me! I hope you like it. Oh, and if you get a little lost about the rap song, it's in reference to the lyrics I wrote for my Marie tab up above. Except Isabella changed one line...instead of "handsome florist" she said "smokin' hot florist." I think I might have a little rapper on my hands. :)


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