Jul 7, 2011

"Our Little Family"

Hey girls!

I'm just going to tell you real quick about how my 4th of July went: We didn't do anything all day until around 9PM when we went on base to watch those "cute little set of fireworks pop off" that for some reason didn't start out with 16 canons. Don't know...don't really care. As Emily stated, I'm not a big fan of big noises. But hey, I did dress up!

So yeah. That was my July 4th: Littler & Not better...? ha ha.

Anyways! I want you to meet Bryant Brewerton and Christian Anderson, two of my brothers:

Christian (on the right) is 18! Ahhh! He just turned 18 two days ago and I can't believe it. He's going to be leaving me so soon....:(
Bryant is 15.
I'm sandwiched between the two. It's wonderful.

Now that our three sisters and Matthew are out of the house, we're like our own little family. Seriously. Over half the people we know here, don't know that we have older siblings and are super shocked when they find out. They're like "What?! You're mom doesn't look old enough!" and then I'm like "....Well she is, alright?!" haha. jk.

So some fun facts about our little family:
1. We looooove matching. ;) ;)

(this last one was not planned. :)

2. Christian once convinced this girl that Bryant and I were adopted. Which I thought was ridiculous. I mean, who looks adopted here???

3. Both Christian and Bryant are Eagle Scouts. I'm a proud sister.
4. Bryant and I sometimes tell people we're twins. I think the same girl Christian lied to, believed us.

5. We all take a ballroom dance class together. Here's a Viennese Waltz routine I did with them and my very sweet friend, Mallory Lacy, a year ago.

I love it!

6. Christian and I went to Homecoming together last year.

7. We can all pucker our lips! :D

Now you're probably all thinking "Big deal. Can't everybody pucker their lips?" And uh, no. Not everybody. These two guys on the left down there, definitely do not know how to pucker lips. So when I saw that picture I had to make sure my brothers would never embarrass themselves like this.

8. Last Christmas was the first Christmas when it was only us three kids. :(

9. Most people think I'm the oldest. :) Yeaaah!

10. I love them sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. And they love me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I'm definitely Christian's favorite little sister. And I'm pretty darn sure Bryant would feel the same if he were older.

Ich liebe euch!

Total, true, love,


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