Jul 13, 2011

Ruffles, Mustard & Polka Dots

I've made a discovery.
And it's huge!!
So I've been wanting to make decorative pillows for my couches for a reeally long time now. I've slowly been forming my own style and color scheme for our home, and so I had this vision of these perfect pillows in our living room that would just complete my life.
It's taken me sooo long to get on this project because
1. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the fabric and
2. I've probably redecorated our living room 5x within the last year and wanted to give Husband a break.... ;)
Lucky for him though, I've found myself -- there will be no more experimenting... (as far as our living room goes.) Anyone have any fun ideas for a master bedroom? Ours could use a major HGTV makeover.

Back to my lifechanging discovery. So I wanted a cheap pillow makeover, and ever since LuLu and Marie have been raving about Goodwill, I thought I'd give my local Savers a shot. Maybe I could just find a cute chic pillow and add it to the collection...
So I tried that. And failed. Then I thought about my sewing machine and how our relationship has been withering away.
Savers could have a cute sheet? That's a lot of fabric for really cheap... ((but kinda gross?!))
So, guess what aisle is next to the old sheet aisle? THE OLD PILLOW CASE AISLE!
Are y'all ready for this?
(That makes you feel at home, right Lu?!) ;)
OK OK OK. I'm not kidding, I get butterflies just thinking about this discovery.
Pillow case pillows:
That includes cheap fabric, making no more than 2 seams, and building some major self-esteem, ((not to mention you and your sewing machine are inseparable now.))
Since when do you stumble upon a cheap and easy DIY project?
I'm in heaven.
So I found 6 pillow cases, for 0.50 cents a piece! FIFTY CENTS?!
Yes. 0.50 cents.
I mismatched fabrics, added a button (or three), and voila!
Ugly mustard pillow case = Cute throw pillow.
Old raggedy white sheet that I already had = stylish ruffle pillow.
And did you see that bird? I am in looove with my yellow polka-dotted bird.
PS: That pillow was made out of an old set of fabric napkins. Mm-hmm. I've gone completly domestic on you.

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