Jul 28, 2011

"This has gotta be the good life"

Yesterday, the Sailors and I went downtown Heidelberg again, but this time instead of going to H&M and spending all our money, we rocked our hearts out playing music on the streets. Unfortunately we could only play for about 20 minutes because it started raining and we didn't want to damage our instruments. But we still made over 23 euro with only 5 songs!
We played Hey Soul Sister, Price Tag, Good Life, Rolling in the Deep, and I'm Yours.

Here's a video of us playing Rolling in the Deep. It's kinda bad quality, plus it's raining, but I hope you still enjoy it. (Also...I didn't really know the words...but I'm a pretty good pretender :)

We bought doners at Gino's and TWO scoops of yummy ice cream with the money we made :] Basically...it was a perfect day.

Now that I finally have the guts to go play on the streets and know that we can make some pretty good money, I've decided that whenever I want to go buy something cute downtown and don't have any money... I'll just bring my guitar and brothers and play a few songs and then walk to H&M or something! :D I love downtown Heidelberg!

I love and miss you guys lots and lots! Let's skype soon, yes?

Total, true, love,


PS: Here's a video of us playing Good Life at EFY. It was ahhhhh-mazing!

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