Jul 19, 2011

Two things for you today.

First of all, my animal print shirt. (another one!!)
Emma gave me the idea to show how to incorporate one shirt (I picked this animal print one that I got for $2. I love it!) into three different outfits for three different occasions.

Above is occasion #1: Date Night!
Date night with kids, that is ;)
This past Saturday night we went out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes, a seriously yummy salad buffet. We went with Bekah, Jordan and their niece and nephew, Ryleigh and Ryan who are visiting in town. Cole LOVES being around other kids. Pretty much anything Ryan did would crack Cole up and he was pretty worn out from laughing by the end of the evening. It was oh-so cute :)
Some phone pics for you:

Next week I'll show you occasion #2: Dressing this shirt down: running errands. SO exciting. :)

And the next thing I have for you today is:

Newspaper Nails.
remember how it didn't work for me last week when I posted? But the next day I figured out how to do it with Bekah!
(Another phone pic)
You can find the original instructions HERE.

But here's how I was finally able to get it to work:

1. Do two coats of nail polish. We did light pink/skin color.

2. If you're too impatient to wait for it to dry completely and your nails are still a little sticky (just a little), then cut out a piece of newspaper and press it right on the nail. PUSH HARD. When you peel it back, it should leave the little words on there.

3. Don't touch the black words now on your nails, otherwise it will rub off. Dip the fingernail in some rubbing alcohol. Let it dry.

4. THEN do a top clear coat once the rubbing alcohol has dried. Once the clear coat has dried, Voila! You're done!

This was the only way we were able to get it to work so I hope it works for you too!!

Anyway, love and miss you all!!

Til next week!

Love, Lulu

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