Jul 8, 2011

Vlog Friday: How to put feather extensions in your hair!!

Well hey girls!!

For today's Vlog Friday, I asked my friend Bekah to show us how to put feather extensions in your hair! I've had these exact same feathers in my hair before. I just had to take them out since they were growing out with my hair. This video is of Bekah putting them in for the second time. (You can see pics of me wearing them the first time around HERE.) 

These feathers are so cool! I had them in for more than 3 months the first time and they're still just like new! You can curl them, straighten them, wash them. And they're super easy to pop in and out. So watch our little video on how to do it! :)

The finished product:

Thanks Bekah!! :)

Now, go get your hands on some feathers!

Til next time!

Love, Lulu

ps, did you see my fish braid? Bekah did that to me too :) Maybe we'll have another tutorial on how to do those some time because I definitely didn't know how before she showed me!

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  1. I do hope you do a tutorial on the fish braid - I have been wondering how to do that for a while! Love the feathers - our local cabelas can't keep fly fishing feathers in stock fast enough with the feather craze here! Haha. Right now I have red and grey feathers in my hair!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog recently- I'm glad you did because now I've found yours! I love how it's written by all sisters - I am the baby of three sisters and they are my best friends! You might appreciate my post on Thursday - we all dressed up alike for kicks and giggles!


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