Aug 12, 2011

Curly Eye Lashes

This Friday I decided to vlog a tutorial on curling your eye lashes.
Now, that doesn't mean I'm great at it, have the prettiest curly eye lashes, or even have great technique (yes, there's technique in curling your eye lashes.)
...or at least so I've been told by my stunning sister-in-law Ashley:
The Paul Mitchell Hair School Graduate :)
(Check out that link: She's legit!)
...but anyways. I'm doing this tutorial because ever since I learned how to curl my eye lashes, I've felt prettier... and we should all be feeling pretty :)

Disclaimer: You will see baby snot on my right shoulder.
Also: Any suggestions for this fair-skinned girl, as far as beauty tips go, are GREATLY welcome.

love you lots, emma

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