Aug 9, 2011

A different way to bake cookies

I saw on my friend Carlie's blog that she baked cookies in the car and I thought...


I mean, it's hot here in Texas, but is it really that hot?!
Don't cookies bake at like 325 degrees? Does the car get that hot inside?!
So I decided to try it myself.

I bought some ready-bake cookie dough, put them on a cookie sheet and stuck it in the car.
Here they are, straight out of the freezer, frozen:

A couple hours later:
Getting there but not quite finished.
(Do you see which cookie I nibbled on? :)

Another hour later....

BING!! They're done!

They were cooked pretty much all the way through, although they were definitely doughier inside and crispy on the outside. We decided we liked it better that way.
These were enjoyed with Ben&Jerry's yesterday evening :)


*Even if the power goes out during the summer, I can still bake cookies. Thank goodness!

*No wonder I dump water all over my baby every time we get in the car to go somewhere. It's HOTT enough to bake cookies!!

So, what do you think? Pretty crazy huh?

Til next week! If I don't melt first! ;)

Love, Lulu

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