Aug 23, 2011

I'm a happy girl today!

For FIVE reasons!

#1 We're on vacation in Spokane!!

#2 Yesterday (August 22nd) was our anniversary!! 2 years, baby!
(I love you, Steve-o :)
We're back in the city we were married in 2 years ago. Last night we got roam the streets of downtown Spokane. (Grandma and Grandpa watched Cole for us; Thank you!) and then we ate out at The Old Spaghetti Factory. (my favorite! :)

#3 I get to see Marie later TODAY and my cousin Scarlet too!!!

#4 I get to see Emma TOMORROW and Cole gets to play with sweet baby Annabelle :)

#5 The weather here is just so pleasant. Being outside is just so lovely.
And I can wear whatever I want!

Life is good :)

Love, Lulu

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