Aug 25, 2011

Never Be The Same

Hey Everyone!

How's it going? I hope swell. I'm doing...fabulous! See, I'm in love with yogurt. Especially German yogurt. Almost everyone I know, knows this. It's almost as good as ice cream over here. Anyways, yesterday my mom and I were downtown and saw this sign:
Which is right next to this awesome bench:
I told her we had to get some! Problem is we just bought kiwi and chocolate ice cream and mom told me ice cream is basically the same thing so there was no need to get any. But ummm no, no it's nooot. Frozen yogurt is a million times better. And she knows my true love for yogurt more than anybody, so why I had to try to convince her to get me frozen yogurt is completely beyond me. But anyway, I'm so glad I finally found some over here in Heidelberg!

Now, I'll never be the same. I always used to get ice cream every time I went downtown, but now it will always be my beloved frozen yogurt. :)

Total, true, love,


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  1. We just got a new frozen yogurt place here that I'm sooooo excited to try!!! That'll be my next post too, lol


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