Aug 31, 2011

That dye turned my hair WHAT COLOR?!

Anyone ever go on a dying spree and decide they need a drastic change?
OK, drastic as in going from blonde to brunette, and vice versa?
Well, somehow my hair always manages to do the unexpected. And fully emerges itself in too much drastic.
(We're talking a lot of drastic!)
Oh, you want to color it blonde? How about it turns orange instead?
You like that brown color on the box? Don't be fooled -- Ta Da! Now your hair's red!
(How did it know I was secretly hoping for some Kirsten Dunst red?!)

So Lu came to town. And it's pretty much tradition for her to color my hair.
(She's a color specialist!!!)
Seriously though. I hadn't colored my hair since the last time she did it, which was in TX when our babes were just born.
(Can you believe I travelled on a plane with a 6-week old?!)
Me neither.
More like, can you believe I let my roots take control of my life for that long?!
Yeah. Me neither.

Back to my point: My hair likes to play tricks.
But as you can tell, I needed to take serious action - Yeah. I'm that girl with the hideous roots.

(At least they're gone now, right?!)
The idea was to go brown. But hair thought a tint of red would throw me for a loop.
And it did.
Yes hair. You win.
(Did anyone invent that pill yet?!)

My hair's red. So what, right? I have green eyes and should technically be able to rock it...
Should I care that grandpa told me it doesn't suit me? Nah.
I'll just let those adorable roots grow out again, and then we can talk about what suits me.

Lu's visit was so fun, and so not filled with yummy homemade recipes (like I thought it would be!)
We were on the go non-stop and pretty much just ate out.
But that's vaca, no?

Marie got here yesterday, and I am in sister-heaven.
(Seriously though Lissie, when're you coming again?!)
You know sister-heaven isn't complete w/out you! ;)

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