Aug 11, 2011

"They sorta look like pajamas..."

Yesterday, Jackie and Jordan (you might have seen them in this previous post) and I bought matching jumpers together. :D Baaaasically...because we were too scared to do it alone.

Here we are in the dressing room at H&M.

We were in there for at least an hour trying to decide whether to buy the floral or the black jumpers.
-Black ones aren't too flashy and loud, plus the floral ones might look too much like pajamas
-but then again, if you're going to buy a jumper you might as well just go full out because their kinda weird as it is.
So after trying on both jumpers two or three times and staring in the mirror for 15 minutes and taking crazy pictures each time...

we decided to buy the floral jumpers!
They're not the cutest but...oh well. Haha. It was fun, and they were on sale, and they're super comfy, and 1/4 Asians are cute as it is, and we'll probably just wear them when we have our sleepovers and watch movies like Megamind. Which is okay with me.
If you haven't seen Megamind yet, you need to. It's pretty much my favorite movie right now.

Well if any of you have bought cute jumpers ;] I'd love to see them. So you should try posting pictures in the comment box. I'm not sure if it's possible...I should ask Lulu.

Total, true, love,


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