Aug 30, 2011

A trip within a trip.

As I mentioned last week, we are on vacation in Spokane!!
But within this trip to Spokane, we made the 11 hour drive down to Utah to see family and friends!

Here are a few highlights in no particular order:

The mountains!
 I hadn't even realized I'd missed them until we came back!

Seeing Emma. And being silly together :)

Having our babies play together:

The fact that Annabelle learned how to wave and clap her hands all in one day!!!!
Cutie :)

Revisiting BYU campus.
Juuuust kidding. I mean, college life is cool and fun and everything but I don't miss schoolwork at. all!

Our trip was crazy busy but crazy fun and I'm glad we got to go!
And today we're celebrating Steve's 26th birthday!

Til next week!

Love, Lulu

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