Aug 4, 2011

Ups and Downs of Babysitting

F0r the past two weeks I've been babysitting these two gorgeous children while their mom (my ballroom dance teacher) directs a theater camp:

Nate just turned 2 and Lily will be 4 in September.

It's been a wonderful “summer job” and I'm excited to use my money to pay for a Contemporary Dance class! :D (and clothes of course ;) Soooo excited!

These kids really are adorable, but of course there are always ups and downs about everything.

So, here are the ups and downs of babysitting these two cuties:


They do silly things like:

-demand to wear their sunglasses when they take a nap.

-tell you to push them on the swing at the playground and then after two pushes tell you to sit on the other swing next to them and swing, and then after you swing a few times they ask you to push again and this goes on forever and ever until you're just like “Let's just go on the slide!”

-ask you to tie them up because they've watched Tangled one too many times.

-only let you take off their shoes when they're asleep.

-play dress up with doll clothes. Lily's tiny.

-randomly tell you to lie down and go to sleep. This happens ALL the time. Unfortunately they just want me to pretend I'm sleeping.


-Whining and crying when they have to get their diaper changed. It's not fun for me either, buddy! Potty train!

-Not taking naps or falling asleep right when the other one wakes up. I value nap time.

-Washing their hands after they're done eating just to see them go right back to the table to eat some more. I think Nate loves washing his hands.

-Wanting to run around naked. I have no idea why!

But my favorite part of these past two weeks was when Nate and I were snuggling on the couch “pretending” to be sleeping and he randomly gave me a kiss on the cheek. ♥ Cutest thing ever!

I love them soo much and hope they have an awesome rest of the summer!

I have basically the same general feelings about you all too ;]

Total, true, love,


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