Aug 3, 2011

The Votes Are In

Today's post is gonna be short & sweet, cause basically I'm a procrastinator, and now I'm in a time crunch. But that only makes me human, right?

E-Weekly's Review on: The Bachelorette Finale

He won. Our man won!
The 1-800-Go-JP-Go hotline has been good to us :)

I will say it made me really sad to see how excited Ben was to propose... and then how sad he was when he was denied. Sad and awkward....
But JP's little speech? Was that not adorable?
Aww. Happily Ever After.
(fingers crossed!)

Back to reality:
Baby girl has been saying just one word lately: "Up." (It's pretty cute.)
It's been "Up" all day every day. Until yesterday. When she added another word:
Yes, Papa.
Isn't she supposed to say Mama first? I could've sworn that's what they told me in the hospital:
"It's a girl. And she will say mama before she says papa! Congratulations!"
Hmmm. Should I ask for a refund?

JK. I'll keep her.

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