Aug 17, 2011

When Baby Goes On Strike... have to get creative!
Especially when she's going on strike against food.
This tiny will not eat baby food.
But she's a baby.
And needs food.
What to do?!
Does anyone else's kid do this?!

So, I did my research and found this awesome website!
A website about making your own baby food - brilliant.
Well let me back up:
My mom told me to start pureeing some fruits and veggies, instead of starving her.
(Baby won't eat what's for dinner? Baby can sleep at the table!)
And so I tried that out with carrots.
Except I didn't cook them long enough.
And they were basically just big chunky choke hazards.
Bad news!
So, that's when I decided to look up exactly how to do it online. More specifically: on pinterest!
(That site is HEAVENLY!)

Talk about eeeeasy!
Anything to get your baby to eat, right?
(She was not getting good sleep at the table either!)

Here's what baby girl thought about today's meal time:

She has never eaten SO well in her life.
She loved my little homemade domesticated creation: pureed pears.
Gosh, talk about PMM (=proud mommy moment!)
So proud in fact that I had to try it:

Yum. :)
I will for sure be making all her baby food from now on...
Tomorrow's menu: Avocado & Peaches.

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