Aug 18, 2011

Yo Shawty

Hey Girls,

Sooo...I'm short right? And I don't know if it's like this for other short people, but it's hard to find pants that fit me. Usually they're too long and a little too baggy. So I was on pinterest and found this tutorial on how to make your baggier or flared pants...skinnier! :D It's awesome. Let me show you!

Here's the link.

So you turn them inside out and put them on.
While you're wearing them, mark them. (I used a pen)
Now, on the girls blog she says if you like the way your pants fit at your thighs you should start from the knees. But I tried that and it made this weird-looking bunch thing at the knee. (It's possible I might have been doing something wrong.....)
Anyway. I just start all the way at the top and sew right next to the seem that's already on the pants until I get to where I marked it and then sew down that line.
And BAM! They fit perfectly.

Awesome, awesome, awesome.
I'm super glad I found this tutorial because now I can wear like five or more pairs of pants I never wear. Hope it helps you girls!

Total, true, love,

Yo Shawty,
Lissie ;)

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