Aug 10, 2011

You Are Special Today

We celebrated Husband's birthday this past weekend!
I love celebrating birthday's and giving presents,
but when Husband's birthday rolls around I go into stress-overdose mode as soon as we get into the month of July: I want his birthday to be perfect!

Well I decided to start his morning out with a pinterest-inspired birthday breakfast :)

- 4 chocolate chip pancakes
- a drizzle of syrup
- a smear of butter
- a handful of blueberries
- and 1 candle

Husband would get breakfast in bed this year!
But I think I could have honestly served him anything as long as it was on the
birthday plate!

Growing up the birthday plate was tradition!
At dinner everyone else's plates were plain old boring, but yours was thick and red and let everyone know: You Are Special!
((I'm pretty sure it sparkled and glowed too))
Right, mom?!

Anyways, my parents gave all us married kids our own birthday plate this last Christmas, and I'm so excited to pass on the tradition in my own family.
Baby Girl will eat her first cake on that plate.
((Which, by the way is in 4 short months!!!!))
Stress-overdose mode starting: Now!

He also got to wake up to a birthday banner, also pinterest-inspired...

What fun traditions did you have growing up?

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