Sep 1, 2011

Back To School Awkwards and Awesomes

Hey Guys.

Yup. I started school. And you guys are having sister reunions.
So messed up....

Well I'm going half time to the HHS this year. So every other day I go to school and the other days I stay at home and do my online classes. Lots of interesting things have been happening at school. I thought I'd share my awkwards and awesomes.

That AWKWARD moment:
-When you miss your bus the first day of school. Why...?
-When your US History teacher asks one of your classmates if she would like to read a paragraph in our textbooks and your classmate replies "no", and so do the next like four students your teacher asks. And this was right after our teacher explained to us that participation is a big part of our grade. Good job, guys. Way to prove to the world Americans are stupid.
-When your substitute teacher asks your class what you think of your real teacher after just being briefly introduced (She's a new teacher from the states). One student replies that she thought she seemed friendly. But really, we're all just kinda giving confused looks because we have no idea why he's asking. Then your substitute teacher starts writing a list on the white board of all the weird things he noticed about her: Weird shoes, weird hair, weird speech pattern, etc. Like seriously? You're 40. You're a teacher, you should be smart. Couldn't you get fired? And who notices weird speech patterns???
-When you're at the main office waiting in line and then the principal enters the room and asks you what you need and you tell him you need an SAT waiver. He doesn't know what that is, so you try to explain it to him, but you don't really know either, all you know is that your mom told you you had to go get one. Then he basically yells at you and tells you they don't do that at this school and blah blah blah. Turns out I was supposed to ask for an ACT waiver not an SAT waiver. Same difference, Man! Help a new student out, yo.
-When your PE teacher asks you if doing the splits is a stretch. Umm yeaaah....I would definitely say doing the splits gives you a stretch....
-When your PE teacher is telling about when he was younger and how he attached some wheels under a small board about a year before the skateboard was invented...basically trying to tell you that he actually invented the skateboard. Haha riiiiiight...

That AWESOME moment:
-When you find out that your US History teacher is a woman you've known since you were like six and she's really amazing. ( It's Jayne Bingham)
-When you get to take AP Statistics with your smart older brother.
-When you get a top locker because your an upper classman! Yeah! That's what's up!
-When you find out that this cutie rides your bus. :D No. He's not a crush. He's young.
-When you go on a date with your dad on a school night to get some Spaghetti Eis.
What? Oh you want some? Oh and you wish you could see the cutest man alive every single day too? THEN HAVE SISTER REUNIONS IN GERMANY!!!

I always seem to have more awkwards than awesomes....I don't know why.

Total, true, love,


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