Sep 28, 2011

Blog Readers, Blog Stalkers (yes, you!), and Mom.

I need your help!!!

So, I'm starting a new diet.
Have you heard of "The 4-Hour Body"? 
Well, one of this guys' main theories is that eating beans with every meal = you're full for a longer amount of time.
Which means you're eating less altogether.
No, not the green beans kinda beans.
The refried/black/pinto/red beans kinda beans.
Which isn't so bad.
Refried beans for breakfast?
Mmm. My favorite.
I love beans.
And no, I haven't been gassier than usual.

So anyways.
My main goal is to be ((somewhat)) in the same weight range as my other 3 gorgeous sisters. 
By Christmas time.
It's not fun being fatty-mc-fat-fats at the sister's reunions.

So tell me now if this beans diet ain't gonna work!!
Has anyone else read "The 4-Hour Body"?
I think it's got some crazy chapters in there, and so far I'm just following the protein/beans/veggies portion.

Oh, and I stopped eating cheese.
Haven't had it for a week.
(I think the beans are making up for it though?)

Here's the plan:
Go from chunky monkey
to string-bean-skinny.
(Get it?)

Anyone wanna share some more magic diet secrets with me?
Christmas is only 3 months away y'know...

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