Sep 21, 2011

Catch Light in those Baby Blues

Hey you.

The babe and I just got home from our long vaca to Seattle a couple days ago.
We had a blast, but are definitely happy to be home!!
I mentioned earlier that Marie taught me a thing or two about my 7D
which meant the rest of the trip was prettttty well documented ;)
See that catch light?! 
((down there))  
Holllla. I did that.
And it was totally on accident purpose :)
I'm feelin' pretty proud over here...

It makes me feel like I could have ... potential!
Which means my possibilities are endless.
Which means the world is mine!
Whoa. One little baby step at a time, Emma.
Baby steps.

I'm back :)

But still. 
That catch light.
Pretty sweet, right?

Saturday night the hubs surprised us at the airport with flowers!!

And lots of hugs and kisses.

Coming home is the best feeling.
Don't you agree?

love you lots, emma.

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