Sep 27, 2011

DIY earring frame

Q: How do you turn a big bag of rice like this:

...into an earring frame?

Well, I'm so glad you asked.  Let me show you.
A little while ago, my old roommate Katie posted on her blog a beautiful earring frame she created, and I was inspired to do something similar. She used burlap as the backing in her frame and since I already had this HUGE burlap bag of rice I'd gotten at Costco, I thought I'd use that. Cool, right?! ;)

I got some cheap frames at Goodwill and then my good friend Bekah gave me the idea to mod podge magazine scraps onto the frame instead of painting them. I really like how it turned out! The magazine scraps give it more of a collage look!

Then I cut up the rice bag and stapled it to the back of the frame and that was it!!

Finally, yesterday, I nailed them to the wall, next to my other jewelry board I have for my necklaces:

And now somehow I feel like it's turned into a whole jewelry shrine, but whatever, I like it!

Now my only question is: what to do with my bracelets?

Any ideas?

Love, Lulu

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  1. Im not sure how your necklace board us made, but I might screw mug hooks into the bottom of it and hang my bracelets from them. Love the frames, btw!


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