Sep 15, 2011

I Can Hear the Bells...Ringing!

So yeah. My best friend, Erin Marie Clark got engaged last Monday and I could not be more happy for her! From what I've heard, her fiance is basically perfect. And so is she. So they're perfect for each other! Haha, get it? ;D No seriously, he's perfect. And when I'm done telling you about how he proposed, you'll totally agree.
He's a cowboy. And both Erin and I have obsessions with cowboys, so he pretty much got 50 points from the very beginning. (50 is a lot.)
Anyways, so she was at his family's house during labor day weekend, and on Monday they went HORSE BACK RIDING with his horses. Dude, another like 20 points for Mr. Perfect. Then they rode up into the woods and had a picnic. Picnics are cute! - 10 points. So when they were done having their picnic, he told Erin that they had to do something so they would always remember that spot. So she's like "Okay..what should we do?"
"Let's carve our names in a tree." he said. AHH! Ah-dorable! 30 points!
So he carved her name in a tree, then she carved his name....and when she turned around.......he was on his knees :) with tears in his eyes (15 points) and asked for her hand in marriage. 50 points!!
She said yes. ♥
Anyways, all of this talk about marriage has got me thinking about my wedding. So I thought I'd share with you 5 of my Wedding Plans:

1. Marry Hugh Dancy.
2. Wear my mother's dress.
This isn't mom's wedding dress, but it's one she wore on her wedding day. It was one of the first things my dad ever bought for her.
3. Marry in the Logan Temple.
I love the Logan Temple because it looks like a little castle.
4. Wear super high heels.
Hugh is kinda tall and I don't like to look short.
5. Go on my honeymoon to Prince Edward Island.

There are so many other plans and details I have pretty much already figured out. My best friend getting engaged isn't really what got me thinking. I just said that....
I've been thinking about my day basically since Marie got married. I could make 10 blog posts about my wedding ideas. Hugh Dancy isn't the only guy I've considered marrying, but at the moment, that's the plan.

What are your Wedding Plans/Wishes. Or what were they? I'd loooove to hear about them. Seriously.

Miss you guys bunches!
Total, true, love,


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