Sep 30, 2011


This Friday we bring you our "sparkle" pictures!!!

First up, we have Marie's:
adorable!! I love the glitter on her cheeks!

Next, is mine:
Just so everyone knows, I had BIG PLANS for my sparkle picture. It was my word choice, after all. 
But my plans fell through :( I made this little filter/hood thing to put on the end of my lens that would have made those blurry circles in the background of my picture (bokeh) look like stars! So cool! Click here to see the tutorial I found online. Maybe one of you guys can do it. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong for the life of me and it was driving me crazy! So the picture of sparkling cider will have to do!

Next, Emma's:

So cute! I love the chalk board idea!

And Lissie's:
Lissie thinks of Taylor Swift when she thinks of Sparkle.
Here is her description of this picture:
"Taylor Swift Concert: "This night is sparklin'"
Super cute Lissie :)

So jealous. I wish I could go to a Taylor Swift concert! She's going to be here in Dallas next week!!

And next week Emma has picked the word "forever!"
Yay! That's a fun one!

Love, Lulu

ps, link up your own "sparklin'" picture if you have one! :)

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