Sep 14, 2011

Top 10's

Hey Sweets,
My stay at Marie's is almost over, and I'm sad! Real sad.
(However, I've been thinking about setting up camp in their backyard!)
Still debating that one...

So, Marie's been the best hostess, and here are the facts to prove it:

1. She takes you to the lake house for a weekend get-away. Hollaaaa!
2. She cooks you top notch meals.
3. She lets you shop at Goodwill til the absolute last closing second.
4. She feeds your baby brownies as to become the favorite Auntie ;)
5. She feeds you brownies as to rank the favorite overall.
6. She lets you take naps with the kids.
Because, well she's the older sister and... I am the kid. ((Right?!))
7. She has every Taylor Swift CD and plays them non-stop in the car.
Juuust how I like it :)
8. She isn't phased when baby girl has explosions in the car everywhere we go.
Costco included.
9. She tickles your back and plays with your hair. Just because.
10. She makes you feel so welcome, so at home, and so loved :)

You're the best, Marie!
We love you tons!!
love you lots, emma.

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