Sep 20, 2011

Tuesday Tip

Do you like my new sunnies?! 
Guess what.

They were $1!

When we were in Spokane a few weeks ago, we went to The Dollar Tree store (the fer rill dollar store, where everything really is $1 or less) and I was blown away with the normal and quality things you could find there.

*normal make-up brands like Almay (my fave) and e.l.f.

*cute kitchen stuff

*crafty wreaths

*Steve got a cool-looking belt. He wears it everyday now.

*I got my sunglasses and they had lots of different kinds!
(sunglasses for $1: that's better than Forever 21)

So, even if you don't like my sunglasses, here's a Tuesday Tip for you:

Check out the Dollar Tree store! You might just find a little treasure :)

Love, Lulu

ps, we saw seven armadillos on our walk yesterday! Click here if you want to see a picture!
pps, Emma gave me the shirt and earrings I'm wearing. Thank you Emma!

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