Sep 2, 2011

Watch me show off my handstand skills!!

I recruited my husband Steve and my brother in law Craig to challenge me to a handstand contest. They're both pretty good but I guess you'll just have to watch to see who won ;)

What I really need is to compete against Marie; she's the REAL handstand queen out there and she taught me everything I know when it comes to handstands so if she were to beat me, it would be no surprise. But if I were to beat her, then that, my friends, would be a real feat!!

So, Marie.

Let me share a little story:
 Handstands are like my one and only talent. (kidding)
I had the scare of my life after Cole was born 8 months ago because the epidural messed up my back so I wasn't able to do handstands for a while there. It's no fun losing the one thing you're good at!!
But then I got into yoga and it fixed my back and now that's why I'm a yoga believer!!!!!! 
The end.

Ok, great.
Thanks for letting me show off for 24 seconds!!

What's your talent anyway?

Love you guys :)

Love, Lulu

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