Oct 13, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Boys

Boy: "This might be blunt, but you're really pretty."
Me: "Oh, thank you!" :)
Boy: "...I'm sure lots of people tell you that."
Uhhh...What do you say to that?

Three year old I babysat a few weeks ago saying the prayer before lunch:
"...and please bless that we won't throw up."
It's Mac. and. Cheese. BUD! C'mon! Have a little faith!

Boy: "Yeah...I don't think it's going to last much longer." (talking about his relationship with his girlfriend)
Me: "Oh no! Why? You guys are going to homecoming together, aren't you?"
Boy: "Yeah...but you and me should go to winter formal together!"
Me: "Ha..ha..."
What the heck?!
Later he told me we should go to all the school dances together next year.
Um yeah.........That's not gonna happen.

While I'm dancing with a boy at EFY:
Boy: "I'm the luckiest guy here."
Me: "Why?"
Boy: "Because I get to see you when we get back home."
Awww...that could have been really sweet if you didn't have a girlfriend...
I actually wasn't sure if I should put this in the awkward or awesome section. So I decided to put it in the Awesome section because it was too empty.

Boy: "The definition of an angel is: A beautiful being sent by god. In parenthesis it says Elisabeth Allred."
Good one ;)

Boy: "I miss you like a whole parking lot!"
I miss him too!

You wish you were me. I know.

Total, true, love,


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