Oct 19, 2011

Birthday Dress & Checking For Murderers

Since Husband's been in L.A. (finding a job, cross your fingers) I've been spending time with as many people as possible: I hate being alone!!!
I recently found this on pinterest:

And it pretty much sums up my life.
I know, I should really man up, but for as long as my friends and family will let me sleep under their roofs, I'll take it.
(Totally lame, huh?)
I'll do it at least until the Tiny starts to notice how whimpy her mom is... hehe.

So, stop one was my SIL.
She's awesome.
And I love her.
I've got little girl's birthday coming up, saw this, and just KNEW I had to make it:

Is that not dah-ling?
Just so happens SIL is the most amazing seamstress. Ever.
So she helped me make one.
Without a pattern.
Or anything.

This little tiny is one lucky lady.
I'm flying to L.A. tomorrow to join the Hubs, and as you already know, Marie's there too!
So we've got a 1-year beach shoot scheduled.
In that dress.
And I can't wait.
I know the quality of this picture is pretty top-notch.
But we'll take a couple more.
Just in case :)

Thanks for making my dreams come true, Ash.
She'll be the cutest little 1-year old thanks to you!

Am I totally crazy for doing this?
Planning this first birthday party is kinda making me scared for like the 16th --
What will that dress look like?!

love you lots, emma.

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