Oct 25, 2011

A family of ROCKSTARS!

Can I just start off by saying that I absolutely LOVED Marie and Emma's video they made yesterday?! LOVED it!! And I wish so badly that we could all be together. But only 60 more days til Christmas, right Lissie? :) I'm getting super excited to spend Christmas with my entire family in Washington this year :) I haven't seen my brothers since my wedding!

Anyway, speaking of holidays, who's ready for Halloween? Last night I finally decided what we're going to be for Halloween as a family! We wanted to be "rockstars" but last night I figured out that we're not going to be just generic rockstars, but specific ones! I'm pretty excited with what I came up with, but you can tell me if you think it's lame ;)

Bear with me as I do Emma's job and play "celebrity look-alike" :)

Have I ever told you that I've been told that I look like Taylor Swift?! Quite a few times actually ;) I'll take it because I like her. So, bingo, I'm going to be her for Halloween :)

And then I decided that Steve should be Joe Jonas!!!! You know, since they had their fling and well, the obvious. They look exactly the same: RIGHT?!?! ;)

And lastly, Cole will be Nick Jonas. Nicholas and Nicholas. Perfect :)

Nicholas Stephen:
IMG_4312 copy

Nicholas Jerry:

(Both were born in Dallas, Texas, by the way. I'm going to pretend like I didn't read up on the Jonas Brothers all morning.....)

Cole (Nick Jonas Jr.) will have sunglasses and a guitar and everything! I just need to get crackin' on the costumes now. Halloween is just a few short days away!!!!!

What do you think?! Is this a good idea? 

Love, Lulu

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