Oct 12, 2011

Halloween Parties. Oh, they're happenin'

That's how it went down.

And it was serious business.
(see above picture)


So we came to the party mourning the death of the dutchess. Then throughout the night we'd be killed off. 
One by one.
(I died first!)
So rude.

So naturally, we all acused Colonel Mustard.
(My man.)
Sounds just about right.

Well, first let me introduce you to our suspects:

Colonel Mustard and I, Ms. Peacock.

The Ms. Scarlet and Mr. Green:

Ms. Peacock (talk about popular!!) 
and her man.

And the hosts: 
The butler, maid, and little man. 

Turns out Colonel Mustard was killed next.
(why the face)

Then the butler choked on his soup. Next Ms Scarlet was strangled. 
And that's when it all became very clear.
The murderer was...

Mr. Green 
aka Ms Scarlet's lover
aka the CUBAN.
(Typical, right?)


Have you been to any Halloween Parties this year?

love you lots, emma.

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