Oct 5, 2011

It'll look perfect with frosting smeared allllll over.

Hey Ladies.
 (and men. c'mon. don't be shy!
So my babe's 1st birthday is coming up
and the crazy party planning has begun.

Step 1: Get wooden high chair.

I've always always pictured my babies going into their first sugar coma in a wooden high chair.
So, I got one.
Won't it look perfect with frosting smeared all.over.it?!


I found this gem on ksl 
(it's utah's craigslist)
and get butterflies every time I look at it.

Real butterflies.


That is where baby girl will eat her first slice of heaven.

*insert hallelujah's*

OK, so I'm gonna spice it up a little more and paint it.
I found this adorable idea on pinterest:
Pink High Chair, Pom Poms, and Bows?

So, here are my colors:
Robin Blue or Foaming Blue.
(I'm going for the blue to make it Anderson's first sugar-coma-inducing-chair as well)

I know they look pretty similar, but it's crucial I choose the right one!!


SO, which one?

love you lots, emma.

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