Oct 26, 2011

That LA Dream & Joseph Gordon Levitt

Remember how I'm in LA living "the dream"?
You know, 
the dream where you nearly have a heart attack every time you get on the road (my heart is racing just thinking about it!!), 

The dream where Target charges you to park -- "but also keep in mind: the first hour's free!" 


Thank you Target for letting me spend money at your store and pay for the time spent doing it.

You're the best!
(But really. I do love you!) :)

The dream where you think the entrance to Trader Joe's is, you know, right out front.


It's around the back, down a one-way street, and through a crazy intersection!

Talk. About. Stressin. Me. Out.

That dream.
That's the one I'm living.

And I'll be real - I am learning to 
loving it!

But really.
It has been fun.
And definitely is an adventure.

I mean, it is the only place you'll get to stand in line behind Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Your first day in.

At Chipotle.


And nothing beats sitting next to Oprah Winfrey & Whoopi Goldberg (they may have been look-alikes) on the plane ride there.
Calling your baby "boo-boo" and laughing at her every move.

Welcome to LA :)

I'm so glad to be here!

love you lots, emma.

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  1. Haha SWOON! I cannot believe you stood in line next to Joseph Gordon Levitt!!! Ahhh is he as cute in real life? And that traffic looks like a nightmare! MY heart is pounding FOR you! And what's up with the whole Target thing? That's pretty lame!

    I'm glad you had a good time though, and I love that those ladies were calling her boo boo. Too funny :)


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