Oct 18, 2011

Unicorns and a silly girl

In college, I was such a silly girl.

*I taped Christmas lights to the walls of my college apartment and left them up all year long.
*I bought little boys' Spider Man pajamas and dressed up as Spider (wo)man for Halloween one year.
*I told people that unicorns were my favorite animal and that I loved them.
*I bought several horse calendars, tore the pictures apart, drew horns on the horses' heads and taped them to the walls in my room.

*In fact, I dressed up as a unicorn once and did a photoshoot with my talented photographer roommate, Katie! These are her pictures:

Well, I'm 10 days away from being 25 years old and last week I got an early present in the mail from my dear sister EMMA, which reminded me of my silly college girl days!

(You better believe I wore my new necklace to church on Sunday :)

Thank you, Emma, for the reminder! For reminding me that, although I'm turning 25, I'll never be too old to love unicorns :)

Now,  I know I have another horse calendar tucked away in one of our storage bins somewhere.....
My hardest task now will be getting Steve to agree to letting me tape horse-turned-unicorn pictures to the wall. He's cool with whole unicorn thing, really. It's the whole taping-things-to-the-wall he doesn't like. He seems to think that it's ghetto. Pshhhhhhh

Love, Lulu :)

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