Nov 30, 2011

Baby Girl's First Birthday Party: Check!

I have a ONE YEAR OLD!!
And since she's turned 1 she is now suddenly huge and toddler-ish.
She didn't nap at all the day of the party (just my luck!) so she was a reeeal treat. :)
She was more like a zombie sleepy baby instead. Haha!

So here are some photos of the food table.
Pretty much everything on there was inspired by pinterest. 

No joke.

Yup, that's a lot of links.
Like I said: Pret-ty much everything

She got a lot of fun gifts, like this panda bear mask/card. Haha, can you tell she's enjoying herself?!

"Blowing" out her first candle! 

She loooved that cupcake. And ate the entire thing!

Her special day was perfect :)

Thank you, pinterest! Haha.

Note: Having a baby born the same week as Thanksgiving = chaotic craziness.

To many more years to come :)

"blowing you kisses"

love you lots, emma.

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