Nov 24, 2011

I get to post on Thankgiving day!

I hope you all are having a fine Thanksgiving day. I am. We're going to be eating in about an hour. YAY. I'm super hungry. I haven't eaten lunch or breakfast.

Well since I get to post on Thanksgiving, I thought I would tell you each 5 things I'm thankful for about you.


1. I'm thankful you like to take turns giving massages whenever we're together. Nobody likes doing that over here. :(
2. I'm thankful you're such an amazing photographer because you have a way of making life look beautiful and happy in all of your photos. But mostly because I like modeling ;)
3. I'm thankful you're so talented at writing song lyrics because I suck but I'm good at making melodies. We make a good team.
4. I'm thankful we both like thinking of baby names and could talk about it for hours. Remember Henry's still mine.
5. I'm thankful we're so far apart in age, because seeing you has been something I look forward to and get excited about ever since I was in Kindergarten. Also, because you don't really know my bad side because you hardly see me.

1. I'm thankful you did your Abitur, so mom and dad could realize that me and the boys shouldn't. You rock.
2. I'm thankful you look like Taylor Swift because it makes me think that I must look like her too. I'm also thankful you married a Stephen so I could sing "Hey Stephen" at your wedding.
3. I'm thankful for the overload of compliments on my hair that I get from you. I seriously love your hair too.
4. I'm thankful that you carry your laptop to Cole's room while we're skyping because he's sleeping but I still want to see him. HE'S SO DANG CUTE.
5. I'm thankful you play violin and let me play it so "beautifully" last Christmas. Expect the same delight this Christmas.

1. I'm thankful for all the many clothes you have handed down to me. Saved me a lot of money.
2. I'm thankful that you're "that mom" because Annie deserves the best and I would totally do the same for her! I'm thinking you should still definitely make that frilly mat.
3. I'm thankful for all our skype dates, phone dates, messages, wall posts, and comments because they always make me laugh. Skype date soon? I think yes.
4. I'm thankful that you're moving to LA so I can visit you when I'm in college to go stalk celebrities. Hugh Dancy's first on the list.
5. I'm thankful for the way you always comment "Lissie! You crack me up!" on basically all of my blog posts. You crack me up too.

I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. I'm thankful you all thought of the idea of making this blog, even though it was during one of those dumb sister reunions that I wasn't at. I'm thankful we get to see each other in less than a month! I'm thankful for all of your amazing examples, I wouldn't be who I am today without you.

Total, true, love,


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