Nov 29, 2011

Ombre. Hombre?

I got my hair done in Arkansas over Thanksgiving.
Ombre style!
My super awesome and talented friend (Bekah) said that ombre is just the term for the "faded" look.
But I can't help but think of hombre, like "man" in Spanish. Such a funny thing to be calling my current hair style.
Also, I love it! It's perfect for the fall/winter months and now it won't matter when my roots grow out! yay!

By the way, I love getting my hair done by her because she always reassures me that I actually do have a lot of hair. A lot of thin hair which explains why I'm often doubtful of my hair's potential. Oh yeah, have I ever mentioned that I LOVE Lissie's hair?! ;)

And sorry for the low-quality webcam pics. If you're looking at these and thinking my hair doesn't look any different from before, that's why. And it's really not that drastic of a change. I'm still super excited about it though! 

ANND...I just have one more thing to add: Christmas Lights by Coldplay is free on iTunes right now! I'm not sure for how much longer. You can get it HERE!

love, Lulu

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