Nov 23, 2011

Thanksgiving's TOMORROW?!

How did this happen?
I've seriously been so consumed planning this birthday party, that I forgot Thanksgiving is tomorrow.
Thank goodness my in-laws are pretty much in charge of the whole dinner thing.
Denny's anyone?

So, way back when, I asked for your opinion on what color to paint this high chair.
Well I finally did it.
Tiny's birthday is on Saturday and so my whole house is covered in party planning mess.
But it's been really fun, and I can't wait for everything to come together.

Here's my finished product:
(You can go here for the original)

Do you LOVE it?!

I also made her a party hat! And so far she's been keeping it on her head pretty well.

And lastly, here's what the birthday girl will wear. 

Well, while eating cake anyway.
She's gonna wear this dress at the party.
But I don't want her to get cake on it.
So there will be a costume change.
Haha. I am that mom!!

love you lots, emma.

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